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The Blanket Project:  We chose to donate blankets to the homeless in the streets of Nework on January 1st, 2021. We chose to do this because the homeless needed blankets for the colder days. Blankets are needed for cover and protection against the wind and cold, so we thought it was a great idea to give in the winter.  Knowing these people have a smaller chance of catching a cold and feeling uncomfortable was enough to continue these drives. They were incredibly appreciative and kind people. The Blanket Project gave us hope that we can truly make a difference in one’s life

Volunteering at senior centers: Learn from the people who have walked the path before you, because sooner or later we walk down the path as well, and we always need someone there. They do too. My mom, Anudeep Kaur, runs a center for seniors, called, ¨Nirvana Adult Day Care,¨ in Edison, Nj. This establishment has been open since 2012 and the seniors there act like a family, as if they have all grown up together. Whenever I come there, it enlightens me to see the elderly laughing and playing with each other, so I love to come and help out. I come about once every two weeks to volunteer and help out with food or play bingo with the seniors. I give out gifts and listen to whatever the clients have to say. This recent independence day, I helped make tacos and gave each client their lunch and took their blessings. Then, I played many games with them. It made my day, it was like I suddenly had 200 grandparents. At many times, we underestimate the smallest act of caring, though it has the potential to turn one’s life around.

Jump Rope for Heart: Jump Rope for Heart is an event created and organized by the American Heart Association. The event teaches kids the importance of physical activity and healthy eating, how to jump rope, and incentivizes fundraising through prizes. The event typically lasts about a month and is usually hosted in February (American Heart Month). Once registered, the American Heart Association provides schools with a step-by-step guide for organizing the event, a series of classroom-based physical activity plans and resources, jump ropes to use for the event, and information and tools to assist with fundraising. Through elementary school, I tried to raise as much money as I could by going around my neighborhood and collecting money. Watching so many videos and reading so many stories about children with heart failures, I felt blessed and grateful to be so healthy and I really wanted to give these children a chance, a hope at something better. I attempted to raise more than $1000 every year for this organization and for two years I raised the most money in my school. Seeing the growth of these children, humbles me and pushes me to help the rest – the rest that weren’t as fortunate as us