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School Supply Distribution: Our most recent project was a school supply distribution in Nework for the homeless. Going back to school can be scary for kids. There’s peer pressure, homework and tests. But 15 million children living in extreme poverty in the US face far more basic fears — not having the supplies to learn and falling back on their academic journey. 29% of families across the word can’t afford supplies for themselves or their kids. For students whose families cannot afford supplies, coming to school unprepared can create social and emotional challenges, in addition to putting kids at a disadvantage for learning. So, we chose a family friendly area, and distributed supplies to around 40 parents whose children were in need. We collected supplies with a group of children that wanted to help these families as well. So, in the first week of July, we made flyers and spread the word until we got more than enough supplies to distribute. When we arrived, the parents were so happy, knowing that they may not have had the best lifestyle but their children can. The children can turn their family around for the better. 

School Volunteering: During the 2021-2022 school year, I was a student guidance counselor, as part of our schools welcoming committee. 2 months into the school year, around 4 kids were chosen per grade and we made a club called, ¨Woodrow Welcomers,¨ to welcome new students into our school and make them feel welcome. I gave around ten tours this school year, and stayed in contact with most students I helped. During the tours, I always gave advice and made sure I treated them with a warm heart. My first tour was with a student, a year younger than me, and she had a hard time coming to this country. She was scared that she wouldn’t   fit in. She wasn’t very good at speaking English, but I tried my best so that she could understand me. I welcomed her to our lunch table and made sure to celebrate her birthday which was a week after she arrived. This made me sure that I want to continue helping people and spread kindness into a world which at times isn’t the kindest.